Prefabricated Modules for Ticket Office use

The use of modular prefabricated box, thanks to the high versatility, represent the simplest, fastest and cheapest solution for setting up new spaces used for multiple uses: prefabricated box for ticket office use, prefabricated insulated porter’s lodge, prefabricated reception, prefabricated ticket offices, guard posts, ticket office prefabricated modules, prefabricated modules for concierge use, prefabricated guardhouse, prefabricated reception, motorway toll booths, parking stations, etc.

The destination of the prefabricated building for ticketing lends itself to the needs of the public or private company that deals with the logistics of people and things, at port and airport terminals in general. Other frequent uses for this type of modules are ticket offices and prefabricated porters for amusement parks, museums and public events in general such as concerts and events.