The online ordering service is currently available only for collection of goods at the logistics points in ITALY.
For shipping to OTHER COUNTRIES, you can directly contact a forwarder who collects the goods in Italy on your behalf or call us in order to send you an offer.

For order with good shipment destination ITALY, please read a brief guide as follow.

Click in the PRODUCTS section and select the TOWN where you intend to collect the Products.
Then click on the DEALER nearest to the place of destination of the goods.
Then navigate to the categories and sub-categories Products looking for the prefabricated module that interests you.

Select the product you need and choose the quantity (default = 1). Click ADD TO CART. A pop-up will apper with the option CONTINUE ORDERING or SHOW CART.

After you have chosen all the products you need, click on SHOW CART. It will appear the list of articles you have selected. You can adjust quantity or delete a product. If you have a coupon, insert the code and SAVE. After this click on ORDER NOW omitting the other data for the moment.

If it is the first time you buy from our website, you need to fill in the form in Add/Edit billing address information section. Mind that the field with (*) are mandatory. Use Register And Checkout to easily get access to your order history, or use Checkout as Guest but next time you wiil come to buy in our website you will need to fill in again your data information.

If you are already our customer, use Username / Password. The site will show you the information you already insert and you can easily update the data if necessary.

Now the sistem will ask you to select a SHIPMENT METHOD. Select the one you prefere and SAVE. For more details please read the Shipping and Delivery page.

If you need the goods is delivered in a different place, please fill in SHIP TO section.

The payment is set by default with Bank Transfer in Advance, but in any case you will receive the information directly from our Distributor.

To leave us a note write a message in Notes and special requests

After this click on Click here to read terms of service and check the box to accept them. A pop-up will appear, Print the page for your use and CHECK the checkbox.

Click on CONFIRM ORDER button to confirm the Order Proposal.

The system will show you a confirmation. It is possible to see the order clicking on View your order . Click on PRINT ICON to print your order details.

To get started with your order, GO TO ORDERS