Prefabricated Modules D11 - 510-220-295

Prefabricated Modules D11 - 510-220-295


The prefab containers, composable, D11 model, are very versatile and functional, containers that can be coupled to create additional spaces of various sizes that can be used as a prefabricated office, prefabricated canteen, container for changing rooms or warehouse to be used in fixed or mobile construction sites.

Temporary or stable, for shipbuilding or residential use, the D11 series of standard prefabricated buildings has been designed to meet the most specific needs of the market but at a competitive price.
The versatility and practicality of the materials eliminate the limitations of surface distribution: the D11 prefabricated units offer a wide range of applications and represent the most flexible and economical solution for any structure or use.


Frame made of 15/10 galvanised profiles with oven painting
40mm thick insulated polyurethane foam walls
30mm thick insulated polyurethane foam cover + 40mm thick reinforcement checker plate
18mm thick floor made of waterproof chipboard covered by a PVC sheet
Lifting from the roof with special eyebolts
60/100 skids


Length 5100
Width 2200
Internal Height 2700
External Height 2950


The current product series has an aluminium door with bars and a sliding PVC window, we also offer different types of products that can meet customer requirements with different models, and various colours as an option.


The standard equipment is already very complete and high-performing with an internal lighting point, a light switch, an internal socket and an external connection box.
Our installations comply with EC rules.


The product is supplied already mounted.