In this document we describe the Terms and Conditions of the website

  • the Modular Prefab Online website collects the Order Requests of potential Customers through its system and processes them

  • the Order Proposals, once processed according to the place of collection of the selected goods, are forwarded to the Distributors participating in the initiative closest to the point of interest

  • the distributor once verified the Order Request made by the Customer, based on availability at his warehouse, decides whether to accept the order or send a Counter Proposal to the Customer

  • the Order, if accepted by the Distributor, is confirmed to the Customer with the Conditions of Sale attached

  • the Customer will then have to accept the Sales Conditions of the Distributor for the formalization of the Order

  • each Distributor has its own Conditions of Sale, which are not decided by Modular Prefab Online

  • the Sale, the Delivery of the goods, the issue of the Invoice, the Guarantees and anything else necessary for the execution of the order, will be by the Distributor

  • Modular Prefab Online is nothing more than a website in which any Customer (Company or Private) can make a Request for the purchase of prefabricated buildings

  • thanks to the many Partners located in Italy and in Europe, the website facilitates the collection of goods in several points, ensuring savings in transport and a quick delivery time

Modular Prefab Online - Terms & Conditions - Rev.1 - April 2019