MODULAR PREFAB ONLINE is an initiative of I.SI.P. PREFABBRICATI SRL to provide its customers with a simple and fast system for ordering products and collecting them through a network of partners / retailers.

I.SI.P. PREFABBRICATI SRL, which inspired the birth of the commercial reality, has always been the total adherence to the customer's needs: the versatility of the prefabricated structures and the materials used, combined with the skill of the workforce, allow the adaptation of the realizations to any type of request or contingent need.

The main fields of application are the shipbuilding and company sectors: the adaptation of office buildings, for toilets and for refreshment areas are the flagships of the company.

As a corollary of the corporate world there is also the residential and therefore domestic destination: the creation of housing structures and garages is registering a significant increase in demand, which is matched by an update both in the use of materials and in the range of offers proposed.